Our Story

This is my son Beckam!

Beckam was born 5 weeks early weighing 4 lbs 11 oz. I spent so much time searching for clothes that would fit him. Not only when we were in the NICU, but also when we got home. Every single piece of clothing he owned was too big. None of the stores around us had preemie clothes and a lot of boy clothes have out dated patterns.

After searching and searching, I realized how difficult it was to find comfortable and neutral clothing - specifically for my baby boy. I was rocking Beckam in his nursery one day during my maternity leave, when I said to myself “someone should do something about that.” And then I realized that someone should be me.

Not more than 24 hours later, I put my faith in this gut feeling I had to start this company and I applied for an LLC. I learned how to start a company, found the clothes I want in my online store, had my husband help me with the website, and here we are!

This will always be such a special story to me. Beckam is my entire world, and I will be able to tell him someday that this company is because of him. We hope you love everything! 

Megan & Beckam